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Knowing how to communicate effectively is a major asset in intrapreneurship, as in many professional and personal situations. Communication helps you create the right conditions for creativity and collective intelligence. It is critical to the success of innovation processes. People often mistakenly believe that communication is an innate and easy skill.


Communicating efficiently

We all have a lot to gain from strengthening this skill. This is why we chose communication as the fourth pillar of PLAY, and in particular :

Relational communication: this involves acquiring a whole set of behaviors in the relationship with oneself and with others that are key to the emergence of collective intelligence and creativity: learning different levels of listening, recognizing one's needs and expressing them authentically, playing the role of "coach", putting oneself in the place of the other, knowing how to anticipate and better manage difficult conversations. Throughout the course, in addition to an introduction to the concepts of non-violent communication and emotional intelligence, you will have the opportunity to train and practice these fundamental skills, including on your respective projects.


Developing your factual communication skills: conveying a message effectively, using verbal and non-verbal communication, putting yourself in the shoes of the receiver, using discernment and critical thinking.

Group photo during the workshop
Group exercise
Group photo during the workshop

Attract attention, provoke curiosity, convince quickly, and make people want to know more.

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The PITCH contents are co-created by the AFD Campus and Marc Boujnah (Tout est COM).

Program of the fourth pillar


Understanding the principles of relational communication

Experiencing compassionate communication

Learning the basic principles of effective public speaking.

Practising the art of pitching

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